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Rodents, like rats and mice, often enter domestic and administrative properties in the UK, looking for food and shelter. As they can chew through almost any surface, these pests can cause quite a lot of damage to your property and can cost you a lot of money, with the repairs you might need to do. Don't postpone taking actions any longer! Call us right this minute and have your home or office rodent free, without breaking the bank. Our rodent control London services are delivered by experienced professionals. We will come fully equipped and ready to attack and remove rats, mice and any other type of rodent, that have invaded your property.

Trusted Rodents Control Method

Our rodent control in London company has helped many home owners and property managers in their battle with these pests, and the top results we always deliver have made us one of the most reliable service providers around. No need to take our word for granted! Have a look at some of the latest feedback we have received on our testimonials page. Order rodent eradication with us and enjoy the same high standard services all our customers have. Choose a day and time that suits your schedule best - our weekend and evening services are at the same price as our weekday ones. And to save even more money, book together any two, or more, of the services you will find on our services page.

Our London rodent control comes at prices anyone can afford. Following a number of steps, allows us to guarantee full pest removal.

  • Property viewing - our team will inspect every room of the property and will choose the method that will deliver best results, and the place where bait and traps will be placed
  • Pest extermination - we aim at using live traps and contact powder. We will place them in every rom of the property, leaving extra traps where rats and mice have been notices
  • Property proofing - after locating entry points, our team will have them blocked using mesh and wire, preventing future infestations. You can also help with the prevention, by keeping the premises clean and storing food in closed metal or glass containers

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For quick and easy booking on discounted rodent control call 020 3404 8995 now! Our customer advisers are ready to offer you free quotes around the clock. If you need help making a booking or more details on our rodent extermination services, contact us via our instant chat feature. You can also book a service with us online, via our request a quote form.

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